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Got Recycling?

Posted by Bob Shapiro, New Business Development Manager on Apr 30, 2018 3:15:46 PM

Recycling at IDP

Most companies do a good job of recycling the paper they go through, and maybe even recycle their aluminum cans and plastic water bottles. That stuff barely gets us started here at ID Plates. We go tons further…literally. We upcycle the WOOD from our incoming shipments, to help make new shipping containers for our oversized and international outgoing orders. We also recycle METAL! This is part of our stewardship of the environment (plus what saves us money, also saves you money).


Interesting facts about our recycled metal for 2017:

  • 50,041 lbs. of Steel recycled (over 25 tons!)
    • Steel is the world’s most recycled material.
    • Every ton of Steel we send into the recycling ecosystem saves 2500 lbs. of Iron ore, 1400 lbs. of Coal, and 120 lbs. of Limestone (plus many man-hours, gas for machines, etc.)
    • Making Steel using recycled material uses 26% less energy.
  • 47,096 lbs. of Aluminum recycled (23.5 tons)
    • Every ton of Aluminum we salvage and recycle saves four tons of Bauxite ore.
    • Producing Aluminum using recycled material uses 95% less energy.
  • 43,146 lbs. of Copper, Brass and Nickel Silver recycled (21.5 tons)
    • Re-melting recycled materials to create new Copper, Brass and/or Nickel Silver uses 85% less energy.


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Want to know more?

Identification Plates, Inc is a family owned, Texas-based manufacturer and distributor of stock & custom metal products to a variety of industries worldwide

Identification Plates, Inc. has long been known for providing sheet metal, stock and custom blanks to the awards and recognition industry.  We stock over 130 different types of sheet metal. In addition to the standard brass, aluminum, and plated steel, we also offer hard-to-find nickel silver, copper, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. From this variety of metals, we can fabricate hundreds of different shapes and sizes of blanks for your engraving, sublimation, and laser engraving needs.


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