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How can our metal laser cutter make you $$?

Posted by Sean Andrus on Apr 25, 2018 9:52:48 AM


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ID Plates has been around almost 60 years and is still investing heavily in the future.  In 2017, we saw a unique opportunity to fill a niche for our customers.  You were wanting custom items but you really weren't interested in paying out the wazoo for expensive dies all the time.  A decision was made to purchase a very large piece of machinery (approximately 10' x 10'!) - a metal laser cutter that enables us to create custom shapes/sizes in seconds for your customers.  With specialized software, designs can be programmed to create intricate items out of a variety of substrates. 


openersWhy should you care that we have a laser cutting machine?

  • Your customer needs blanks, name badges, or lapel pins shaped like their logo (or balloon, tiger, paw print, airplane…whatever)
  • You’d like to test the waters for a new exclusive shape or plaque before you go all in for a die
  • Your client only wants one control panel for their new manufacturing line
  • Your client can’t decide whether they want the balloon or the tiger without seeing a sample
  • It’s the only way to make those beautiful 3D metal ornaments

Now that you know our laser cutter is at your disposal, any new customers come to mind?

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Bob Shapiro, CAS

Director of Business Development

Identification Plates, Inc. (ID-Line)


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Identification Plates, Inc is a family owned, Texas-based manufacturer and distributor of stock & custom metal products to a variety of industries worldwide

Identification Plates, Inc. has long been known for providing sheet metal, stock and custom blanks to the awards and recognition industry.  We stock over 130 different types of sheet metal. In addition to the standard brass, aluminum, and plated steel, we also offer hard-to-find nickel silver, copper, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. From this variety of metals, we can fabricate hundreds of different shapes and sizes of blanks for your engraving, sublimation, and laser engraving needs.


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