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What the heck is chemical etching?

Posted by Sean Andrus on Apr 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Wikipedia has a definition.  It is the subtractive manufacturing process of using baths of temperature-regulated etching chemicals to remove material to create an object with the desired shape. It is mostly used on metals... The process essentially involves bathing the cutting areas in a corrosive chemical .... Okay, enough of that! If you want to geek out some more, please feel free to learn everything you could possibly want to know by following the link above.  But what you probably really care about is whether this is the right process for your client’s request. 


So let’s see…

The reasons you might choose the etching process for a commercial plate:

  • It’s going outdoors
  • It needs to be durable and remain legible long-term
  • It’s going into a harsh environment

 The reasons you might choose the etching process for a decorative plate:

  • The look of depth
  • The look of texture
  • The look of luxury


And why do you want Identification Plates to do the etching for you? Because we love doing it. We’ve been doing it since we were born (1959). We grew up etching and we specialize in etching. You might say we and etching have chemistry together. We are especially skilled in decorative etching on some of the more unusual metals like nickel silver, bright brass, copper, and steel – even on both sides!

Even if you have a large, established shop with shears, sand-blasting, powder-coating, sublimation, and engraving capabilities, chances are you don’t or can’t take on chemical etching jobs. But PLEASE don’t let that stop you from going after the business. Consider a partnership with ID Plates (teamwork is kind of a big deal here). You do in-house whatever it is you do with metal, and send us the rest. Together, we can fulfill all the orders you can take! You still deliver to your customer, and you take all the credit.

Do you have a manufacturing facility in your area that might need a metal asset tag or label for the items they create? Call Us! Our team of metal experts will provide all the support and tools you need to pitch that prospect, and even provide a friendly reminder to follow-up, if you wish!

Bob Shapiro, CAS

Director of Business Development

Identification Plates, Inc. (ID-Line)

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Identification Plates, Inc. has long been known for providing sheet metal, stock and custom blanks to the awards and recognition industry.  We stock over 130 different types of sheet metal. In addition to the standard brass, aluminum, and plated steel, we also offer hard-to-find nickel silver, copper, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. From this variety of metals, we can fabricate hundreds of different shapes and sizes of blanks for your engraving, sublimation, and laser engraving needs.


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